Review Policy

The Lesbrary accepts any books or ebooks with lesbian (or bisexual women, etc) content to review, as long as the main character is a queer woman (or nonbinary) or the main subject matter is queer women. You can submit them by emailing with “Lesbrary” included in the subject, and ideally with the a description of the book in the body of the email and the ebook attached as a file (because different reviewers use different ereaders, your best bet is to attach several different formats–preferably ePub, .mobi, and PDF). No need to inquire beforehand; we accept any les/bi/etc ebook for review!

eBook submissions are forwarded to all of the reviewers at the Lesbrary. There are usually about a dozen reviewers submitting to the Lesbrary at a time (see the About page). eBooks are reviewed based on interest, which means they may be reviewed right away, multiple times, a year after submitting them, or not at all. Please note that I forward ebooks along to my reviewers, so the easiest way to do this is if the ebook is attached to an email.

Physical books are usually mailed to me, and I can guarantee that if they are accepted for review, they will eventually be reviewed, but there may be a delay–possibly several months– depending on the backlog of books to be reviewed.

I also offer sponsored reviews for $100. This means that Danika will honestly review your book at a time we both negotiate on (at least two weeks’ notice needed) and the review will be crossposted on Amazon and Goodreads. This review will be marked as a sponsored review. The fee will be paid through Paypal. This is an option if you would like to guarantee a review and have it posted by a certain time. As of right now, it is just Danika that is offering this option. You can check out my reviews here and can email me at Please include “Lesbrary” in the subject. Please note that this does not guarantee a five star, raving review; it only guarantees an honest one.

16 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Hello my name is Lesa Heard and I’m a new author. I was just wondering how I could submit my book on your site. The name of my book is A Tear From A Black Rainbow. Please contact me at me email address. Thankfully Lesa

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