Readathon Hours 7 & 8

Currently reading: Ascension by Jacqueline Koyanagi

And how is it? Pretty sure I’m going to be raving about this book for a while unless it ends terribly. This is the queer and diverse sci fi story you’ve all been waiting for! It has normalized queer representation! It has a PoC main character! It has a protagonist with a chronic illness! It has a rag-tag team of outlaws on a spaceship!

Pages read this hour: 31 & 41

Pages read in total: 296

Books finished: Searching for Whitopia by Rich Benjamin (the last 100 pages)

Food eaten: Hint of lime tortilla chips with carmelized onion hummus, which is the snack I was most looking forward and it delivered! Also, Dr Pepper. Getting into the caffeine.

Interruptions: Feeling not great, took some painkillers, but still trucking along!

Anything else? I’m loving Ascension, but I’m reading to be finishing up and tackling something new. It’s already a third through the readathon!


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