Link Round Up: March 23 -29

liliesofthebowery   ifnotwinter   underthelights

AfterEllen posted 5 Lesbian and Bi YA Titles We’re Excited About This Year.

CBC Diversity posted Heather Has Two Mommies: A Pretty Typical Family.

Malinda Lo posted ASH in Korean, and other thoughts on Cinderella and I’m on Sara Zarr’s This Creative Life Podcast (and other news).

Sarah Waters‘s Fingersmith thetrical adaptation was reviewed at Bohemian and Herald and News.

“Girl, Interrupted: Who Was Sappho?” was posted at The New Yorker.

Women and Words posted 2015 Lone Star Lesfic Festival in Austin Texas.

This post, and all posts at the Lesbrary, have the covers linked to their Amazon pages. If you click through and buy something, I might get a small referral fee. For even  more links, check out the Lesbrary’s twitterWe’re also on FacebookGoodreadsYoutube and Tumblr.


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