Readathon Hours 11 & 12


Currently reading: Demonglass (Hex Hall #2) by Rachel Hawkins

And how is it? I am LOVING it. Well, more specifically, I’m loving the lesbian vampire secondary character and her BFF relationship with the main character. How often does that happen? I mean, the ~~sassy gay guy~~ stereotype friend happens, but a straight female protagonist who is super close friends with a lesbian? And they both swoon sympathetically over each other’s love interests and gossip together? IT’S ADORABLE. Especially because I was expecting this to be one of my hetero reads for the day, and it’s warming my queer heart to a surprising extent. As long as she doesn’t end up dead (for good), points to you, Rachel Hawkins.

Pages read this hour: Hour 11: 85 pages, Hour 12: 95 pages (this book also has big font and big margins, which is a plus for page count)

Pages read in total: 625

Books finished: Practical Magic by Alice HoffmanWhite Is For Witching by Helen Oyeyemi

Food eaten: So many snacks. Including grapes and a float and chocolate-covered potato chips. I love the #snackathon,

Interruptions: Not much!

Anything else? I think I might review Demonglass for the Lesbrary–or at least the lesbian elements of it.

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