TB reviews Killing Rosa by Lynn Kear

Former hit man Kell Digby, eager for a distraction after her girlfriend Gretchen dumps her, is hired by ex-boss Rosa to take out a business competitor in Miami. The simple hit turns complicated, and Kell is forced to match wits with a dangerous foe.
Lynn Kear’s latest release, Killing Rosa, is the sequel to Black-Hearted Bitch, a book I enjoyed, and I couldn’t wait for the sequel to released. I was curious to see what would happen next in the series, and Kear didn’t let me down. Kell Digby is a cheeky, intelligent, and stubborn character. She’s flawed and she knows it. I love a fantastically flawed character that’s still lovable. 

The sequel starts off fast, slows down some, and then the action picks up the pace again. What I find intriguing is how Kear sucks me into the lives of her characters. The suspense of what’s going to happen is coupled with character development. At times I became so engrossed in Kell, I forgot about the mystery. 

This is a smart thriller with excellent characters. Now I can’t wait for the next installment. 

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