Readathon Hours 1-3


Currently reading: Extras by Scott Westerfeld

And how is it? I’m liking it! I enjoy Westerfeld’s use of future slang (it reminds me of Feed by MT Anderson), and Aya seems like a believable 15 year old: smarter than she’s given credit for, but also impulsive and immature at times.

Pages read this hour: Hour 1: 99, Hour 2: 76, Hour 3: 86

Pages read so far: 261

Food eaten: I just had some avocado on toast, since the sun is up and it’s closer to proper morning. Before that, I had a Cliff bar to settle my stomach.

Interruptions: Just some updates and commenting. I’m going to cheer for a bit this hour.

Anything else? It’s still so early! 8 am! Normally I wouldn’t be up yet on a day off. Most of the house is still asleep. Looks like it’ll be sunny today, though; maybe I can read in the park at some point.


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