Guest Lesbrarian Spencer reviews Crush by Carrie Mac

I never know how to start these things. Crush was a cute story, short, but cute. Who doesn’t want a tall, blonde, street-savvy girl with dreads to come along and sweep us off our feet?

The story is about Hope, a hippy-raised girl whose parents are going away for a couple months. Hope is forced to go stay with her wastrel older sister in Brooklyn for a couple months, which she is less than enthused about. But right after storming out on her coke-sniffing sister, her and her little dog Daisy, run into a large yellow dog and Nat, big yellow dog’s human. Nat is also the tall, leggy blonde with a quick smile and a flirtatious nature who sweeps young Hope off her what she thought was straight feet.

The story is mostly about Hope coming to grips with the fact that she has a crush on a girl, which is a new experience for her, as she tells us about the various encounters with men she’s had. I think the complaint I have with this story is that the last guy she was with (recently even) hurt her really bad, by sleeping with her and then lying about having a wife (yes, her character is only 17, but he was 24) and then buying her a puppy to make up for it (her dog Daisy). It almost seems like the only conditions under which straight girls are willing to entertain lesbianism is after a guy has ripped their heart out, spit on it and then dropped it in the dirt.

But it’s ok! Because then we enter the second lesbian cliché: there is totally a hot girl out there waiting for you, right around the corner. This happens almost literally, as Hope meets a nice lady on the airplane to stay with her very annoying older sister (named Joy. I tell you this only because I would like to point
out that the hippy parents named their children Hope and Joy), who wants to give her a job looking after her babies. Turns out the nice lady is a lesbian, and her partner knows Nat, the leggy blonde.

The crush culminates in a kiss, and that’s pretty much the whole story. I recognize that it is short, a window into a story about two young girls. A story about growing up and the shit you deal with in doing so. It took me maybe two hours to read. So if you would like a little happy, a nice little blurb about being young and being in love, read Crush. And maybe you too will find your dirty, bike-fixing, witty, leggy, blonde lesbian love.

Thanks for the review, Spencer! You can find her at her tumblr, spencerdiamond. (She’s pretty fantastic, though I may be partial, since I’m dating her.)


2 thoughts on “Guest Lesbrarian Spencer reviews Crush by Carrie Mac

  1. This is really cute YA fiction; I read it a few years ago when I was working at Bolen Books in Victoria, BC. They carry it!

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